Bouldering wall, Geneva

Our clients wanted an indoor bouldering wall (low height climbing training wall) for their apartment. It had to fit into a relatively tight space as well as being aesthetically pleasing as centre piece of the main living room. We suggested oak panels on a pine frame with the important stability for this type of structure provided by solid anchoring in the concrete ceiling. It was set at 30 degree overhang for climbing training and on the left hand (open) side we were able to add 4 bookshelves. The right hand-side opening is concealed by the wall but allowed enough gap to slide the crash mats behind for storage.

My partner and  I are keen rock climbers and wanted a  small training  wall in our apartment. The guys from Woodhouse Carpentry  provided an excellent design which fitted the available space  perfectly. The build quality and final look is beautiful, a real centrepiece!
Nina, Geneva

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